RCM-R Blue Belt Certificate – Trained Facilitator (e)



The RCM-R Blue Belt (Facilitator) Training is being provided for up to 5 trainees at the same time. Each must pass all the requirements to be awarded a certificate that enables them to move to the next step in Facilitator Competency development (the Brown Belt). The training is delivered in a live virtual format, so the instructional time must be scheduled with your instructor. This “product” is for individuals who have earned the RCM-R Orange Belt by equivalence to enable them to join their colleagues who earned the Orange Belt through our training program, in their Facilitator Training class.

The RCM-R Blue Belt certifies that you have taken and passed the course requirements for RCM-R Facilitation. It is the next level above Orange Belt (experienced analyst) certification. It is intended to prepare you for practice as an RCM-R Facilitator under the guidance of a mentor – either a certified facilitator (Brown Belt) or an RCM-R instructor (Black Belt). Once you have completed sufficient mentored analyses to demonstrate your competency to your mentor (normally 2 or 3 analyses), you will be awarded the RCM-R Brown Belt, certifying you as a “Competent RCM-R Facilitator”.

To complete this Blue Belt training requirement you must participate in 8 hours of instruction (in a live-virtual format), become very familiar with the content of our “RCM-R Facilitators’ Handbook” (which is included with this product), and complete a 2-hour exam. The instruction is live so there is plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. Support to the facilitator who is trained and passes the exam will continue while they gain further experience facilitating RCM-R analyses.

Note that in order to purchase this product, you must have completed the RCM-R Orange Belt through equivalence. Note that this is intended for adding a trainee to a class of his/her colleagues. It IS NOT intended for individual training. If that is desired, then click here for the RCM-R Individual Blue Belt Training.

For more details about this product, click here.

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