RCM-R Brown Belt (Certified Facilitator)


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The RCM-R Brown Belt (Certified Facilitator) is earned by individuals who have met the Blue Belt (Trained Facilitator) requirements either through training or equivalence plus submitting proof of having facilitated no less than 2 complete RCM-R analyses. If those analyses are deemed to be of insufficient quality, then more may be requested.

Submitted analyses must meet our standards and will be reviewed by a Certified Black Belt instructor before being accepted.

The RCM-R Brown Belt certifies that you have taken and passed the course requirements for RCM-R Facilitation and gained sufficient practical experience as a facilitator to successfully carry out RCM-R analyses without further outside help. The Brown Belt is normally the highest level normally attained in end-user companies who operate and manage physical assets. It is required as one pre-requisite for the Black Belt (Instructor level) certification. Black Belts may be in end-user companies with sufficient need for training or they may be consultants.

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