Conscious Asset e-Learning Academy

Welcome to our learning domain where you will find all of our training-related content.

  • e-Learning courses are pre-recorded and can be taken at any time.
  • Remote Pilot Projects are extensions of courses that add customer-specific pilot projects to the learning experience. In some cases, where stated, they can contribute to Certification requirements.
  • Downloadable content includes e-books, PDF books, Spreadsheet, and other files that are part of downloadable course content, or other useful Conscious Asset products offered for sale.
  • Live Virtual courses are taught online by a live instructor at preset times.
    • If none are scheduled, then this category page will appear, but it will be blank.
    • Any of our eLearning courses can be taught as “Live Virtual” courses. Please inquire if you are looking for “live”, as opposed to pre-recorded, experience.
  • Consulting products for a few services are also included for purchase.

Please Note: Our learning management system is incompatible with Internet Explorer. IE is no longer supported by Microsoft, but some companies still use it. Please use a different current-version browser, and NOT Internet Explorer for best results.

  • Consulting

    Consulting (5)

    Consulting services require a fee for services. The scheduling of your session must be determined separately with the consultant. This category of products is used only for convenience and flexibility in payment methods. These products are not used if you are using a Purchase Order or Services Contract with invoicing provisions.
  • Downloadable Content

    Downloadable Content (6)

    Books and other products such as ebook or PDF versions of course textbooks (if available) and other "tools" such as apps, assessments, and software.
  • e-learning

    e-learning (13)

    e-learning Academy courses are pre-recorded and taught entirely online. They include various lessons, quizzes, assignments, downloadable course materials, and other relevant content. e-learning courses may be taken at any time. Students may submit questions and they will be answered by the instructor in the course Q&A area.
  • Pilot Project

    Pilot Project (2)

    Pilot projects to follow e-learning courses that are add-ons to the course content to gain experience in using what was learned. Can be thought of as voluntary Capstone exercises or assignments. In some cases, these can count as partial credit towards certifications.
  • Software

    Software (3)

    Software packages that we sell on behalf of software partners.