RCM-R Orange Belt first project



This adds to the RCM-R Yellow Belt certification. In total, two full analyses are needed for the Orange Belt. One can be completed and submitted for review – this will enable that. The second must be facilitated by an RCM-R Certified Facilitator (Blue Belt or higher). That can be done through remote or on-site facilitation.

To complete this project you submit exercises performed during your Yellow Belt training, or you perform a new (and complete) analysis using the analysis worksheets provided with this product. Those will be reviewed and marked. If the quality of the work is good, then you will have earned half the requirement for the Orange Belt.

If your company is running an RCM-R project with certified facilitators, then those analyses can be used for Orange Belt certification purposes for the participating Yellow Belt analysts.

RCM-R analyses are carried out in teams. Up to 5 team members on the same team can use the same submissions for certification purposes. For a team effort, this product covers the cost of the review. The review will note the names of the team members, which should have been included in your submitted “Operating Context,” so that it can be used to meet one of the two analyses required for Orange Belt certification.

Note that in order to purchase this product, you must have completed the RCM-R Basic Yellow Belt Certification course.

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