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  • Asset Performance Management
  • Business Process Design
  • CMMS Selection and Implementation Considerations
  • Precision Maintenance
  • RCM-R Advanced
  • Reliability Engineering Applied to Maintenance
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis – Re-Engineered
  • Supply Chain Management

Virtual (live) courses

All of our courses can also be delivered live in real-time, on-line. We are happy to provide a quote that meets your training requirements.  


“I really appreciated the opportunity to review your webinars, specifically the Reliability Basics series and a couple of your Asset Management videos – the MRO webinar and the AIM webinar.

These were generally well done and quite informative as a high-level introduction to the areas of maintenance and reliability management and how it fits within the Asset Management Framework. I think it is vitally important for today’s managers to become aware of the strategic (and cost) impacts of their physical assets as they go through their lifecycle. Gone are the days of over-designed equipment where their sheer bulk can help the assets endure through the tests of time!”

Ken Wheeler, PEng., Mantle Engineering Corporation, Corner Brook, NL

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    Consulting services require a fee for services. The scheduling of your session must be determined separately with the consultant. This category of products is used only for convenience and flexibility in payment methods. These products are not used if you are using a Purchase Order or Services Contract with invoicing provisions.
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    Books and other products such as ebook or PDF versions of course textbooks (if available) and other "tools" such as apps, assessments, and software.
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    e-learning Academy courses are pre-recorded and taught entirely online. They include various lessons, quizzes, assignments, downloadable course materials, and other relevant content. e-learning courses may be taken at any time. Students may submit questions and they will be answered by the instructor in the course Q&A area.
  • Pilot Project

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    Pilot projects to follow e-learning courses that are add-ons to the course content to gain experience in using what was learned. Can be thought of as voluntary Capstone exercises or assignments. In some cases, these can count as partial credit towards certifications.
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    Software packages that we sell on behalf of software partners.
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    Virtual learning courses are the next best thing to face-to-face classroom learning. They are taught by the instructor on-line in a group setting. The courses are not pre-recorded, so each delivery is unique. There are opportunities to dialogue with the instructor, ask questions and get answers in real-time.