Uptime Self-Assessment and Improvement Strategy


Improvement programs developed “in-house” often fail to achieve the desired results for a variety of reasons. This product provides you with self-assessment and improvement strategy protocols. When completed, you can upload your results for our unbiased professional opinion on what you have developed. We will advise where we think the self-assessment may have flawed results, where the stated improvements may be lacking, and offer suggestions on what to do to increase your success with your own program.

This product includes the use of our various assessment tools, and a written review report after our evaluation is complete.


Get an expert opinion on your plans.

Many companies are looking for improvements but struggle to get results. The problem often arises from their initial improvement plans. After completing the Uptime – Maintenance Management training you have enough information to start on the path of making changes. You may not need a consultant’s assessment, but you want an expert 3rd party opinion.

This product will provide an unbiased evaluation of your self-assessment and draft improvement strategy and offer suggestions where we think you may need them. If we see any inconsistencies or other components of your evaluations and plan that our experience tells us could be problematic, we will point those out.

To obtain this product, you must complete the pre-requisite training: Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management. If you have completed the Spanish, French or Portuguese versions of this course, please let us know and we will grant access to this assessment.

If you also want a full evaluation of your business case for change, then you may wish to use our “Business Case Estimator“.

For more detail on what is included please click here.

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