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RCM-R(R) Yellow Belt Certificate

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About Course

Reliability Centered Maintenance is the top method for formally defining effective failure management strategies for physical assets in their present operating contexts. It has been well-proven to be highly successful in achieving cost savings, production increases, safety, and environmental performance improvements. Basic RCM complies with the standard, SAE JA-1011. RCM-R goes well beyond that compliance with several enhancements.

RCM-R® takes a fresh look at a proven and highly successful method for determining failure management policies for physical assets. It complies fully with SAE standards, JA-1011 and 1012 and the re-engineering we’ve applied takes it beyond what those standards require – it is enhanced. Today, the “gold standard” in decision-making requires “evidence-based decisions”. Standard Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) allows for evidence-based decision making but fails to stress it and the methods available today leave it to the user to determine how best to justify decisions. Sometimes they get it right, but often, the search for good data is onerous because we are drowning in data but starved for useful information – consequence – they give up and revert to traditional practices. Standard RCM has a spotty track record. While analyses are often done quite well, the programs fail at implementation. They are treated as if they are only analysis projects with no useful goal. Results are “tossed over the fence” to other departments and the ball is dropped. RCM-R® addresses those weaknesses and aligns decision-making about risks and data interchange with ISO standards. RCM-R® is designed for today’s rigorous demands for technical precision and management accountability.

This course is a pre-requisite for our RCM-R Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, and Black belt certifications. It includes some 6 1/2 hours of lectures and approximately 4 1/2 hours of quizzes. It earns 1.1 CEUs.

The course textbook contains all the content covered in depth. The book is, “Reliability Centered Maintenance – Re-engineered, Practical Optimization of the RCM Process with RCM-R(R)”, by Jesus Sifonte and James Reyes-Picknell, 2017, CRC Press, New York. If the student does not already have a copy of the text, it can be acquired from the publisher here: LINK TO PUBLISHER, or from various other online technical booksellers.

Other useful references are:

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What Will You Learn?

  • Gain an understanding of RCM, its origins, and the relevant standard governing all RCM methods.
  • Understand the RCM-R method and how it enhances the basic RCM method
  • Gain insight into what it takes to be truly effective in a maintenance program
  • Gain an understanding of the requirements to achieve top results from RCM-R
  • Gain an understanding of how RCM-R can be leveraged to produce a variety of benefits for a modern operation

Course Content

RCM-R Background and Pre-Work

  • Lesson 1 – Asset Management and RCM
  • Lesson 1 – Quiz
  • Lesson 2 – RCM standards and RCM-R Enhancements
  • Lesson 2 – Quiz
  • Lesson 3 – Pre-work and getting started
  • Lesson 3 – Quiz

RCM-R Method

Implementing and Leveraging RCM-R

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2 years ago
Great course. Sometimes awkward navigation.
3 years ago
Very thorough, and informative.

James is very patient, and has a great personality!
3 years ago
Well prepared and easy to follow the contents.
3 years ago
It is an excellent course, easy to understand and follow through. I really enjoyed the course would love to go up to greenbelt.
3 years ago
Great course to take if you are interested in taking the path of RCM-R.
Easy to navigate and follow along, and the content is full of information. The book is a must as there is even more info when doing the course, and a good reference for later use.