RCM-R Brown Belt Certificate – Experienced Facilitator

  • Course level: Expert


Reliability Centered Maintenance is the top method for formally defining effective failure management strategies for physical assets in their present operating contexts. It has been well-proven to be highly successful in achieving cost savings, production increases, safety, and environmental performance improvements. Basic RCM complies with the standard, SAE JA-1011. RCM-R goes well beyond that compliance with several enhancements. RCM-R® takes a fresh look at a proven and highly successful method for determining failure management policies for physical assets. It complies fully with SAE standards, JA-1011 and 1012 and the re-engineering we’ve applied takes it beyond what those standards require – it is enhanced. Students earn 1.0 CEUs upon successful completion of this training.

The “RCM-R Facilitators Handbook” is downloadable for enrolled Blue Belt students. It is the only required textbook, but students will find our Yellow Belt textbook very handy. Students here must already be certified as RCM-R Yellow and Orange Belts (experienced analysts) through our training or equivalence. Our textbook is: “Reliability Centered Maintenance – Re-engineered, Practical Optimization of the RCM Process with RCM-R(R)”, by Jesus Sifonte and James Reyes-Picknell, 2017, CRC Press, New York. If the student does not already have a copy of the text, it can be acquired from the publisher here: LINK TO PUBLISHER, or from various other online technical booksellers.

This certification attests to the achievement of RCM-R Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Blue Belt plus facilitation of no less than 2 RCM-R analyses. Evidence of those certifications and completed analyses must be provided for this Brown Belt certification. Evidence is uploaded as copies of certifications and completed analyses with a letter attesting that the candidate did indeed facilitate those uploaded analyses.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Improve and enhance facilitation skills through practice.
  • Gain insight into handling analysis situations.
  • Learn how to estimate RCM-R projects.
  • Learn how to prepare and execute RCM-R projects.
  • Learn about the follow-on activities that ensure you achieve results.

Topics for this course

RCM-R Experienced Facilitator – proof of experience?

Proof submitted will be examined by a certified Black Belt. If the analyses are not of sufficient quality they will be rejected. The certificates will be checked against our database of those issued. The letter should show the phone number and email of the two signatories so that it can be verified separately.
Facilitated RCM-R Analysis #1
Facilitated RCM-R Analysis #2
Proof of Blue Belt

About the instructor

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  • Must have RCM-R Yellow Belt (Basic training)
  • Must have RCM-R Orange Belt (demonstrated experience in RCM-R analysis)
  • Must have RCM-R Blue Belt (trained facilitator)
  • Must facilitate a minimum of two RCM-R analyses after achieving the Blue Belt certification.
  • Must be familiar with the contents of our "RCM-R Facilitators Handbook" (included with the course).

Target Audience

  • Experienced RCM-R Analysts who wish to facilitate RCM-R with their company or as a consultant.