Myth Busting 10: Shutdown coming

Myth Busting SeriesA lot of people think about this one, but their actions reveal that this myth underlies what they are thinking.

Shutdowns are major undertakings performed when production is at a standstill (zero revenues) and because of the scale of the work being undertaken, costs are at a high point. There is a natural and well-justified desire to minimize the duration and frequency of shutdowns. (more…)


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Myth Busting 5: It Won’t Work Here

In my role as a consultant, I get asked a lot of questions and asked for a help. Sometimes the “ask” comes from senior management, sometimes middle-level management and sometimes even from the shop floor. People and companies need help to achieve more than they are today. Performance is already known and often less than desired. Change is needed and that means new ideas. After all, if they had the ideas themselves, they may have tried something ...

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