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This topic covers improvement, people and teamwork, the foundational elements of any improvement program.
The second tier of the Uptime Pyramid of Excellence contains 5 components that you simply can't do without. These lessons are aimed at improving the efficiency of your maintenance work execution, making the most of your workforce time, getting the most work done and at the lowest practical cost.
Choosing Excellence
The top tier in the Uptime Pyramid of Excellence focused on the effectiveness of your maintenance program, largely through reliability and identifying the right proactive work.
Asset Management
Asset Management is a broader topic, encompassing maintenance yet sharing much of the same data and information for successful application.
The Journey
This topic is about implementing Uptime to achieve high-performance results.
Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management
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Any improvement requires a plan. That plan needs to follow a pre-determined path towards some goal that is to be achieved. That direction, plan, and endpoint comprise your strategy. Without it your change attempts will flounder and get, at best, mediocre results. 

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