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Utility Asset Risk Management with RCM

Reliability is a key to successful risk management in any industry. It is particularly important in electrical utilities where the service must be “always on”. Failures can result in power outages and major disruptions to many customers, some of whom are providing critical services like hospitals, banks, stock exchange computers, traffic signals, mass public transit, and so on. 

This article describes work done with major utilities using Reliability Centered Maintenance as a primary risk identification and mitigation strategy identification tool. The authors, James Reyes-Picknell (Conscious Asset) and Alexander Bakulev (Metsco Energy Solutions) have worked together in electrical utility industry for several years. The full text of their article appears here: “Utility Asset Risk Management with RCM”, MRO Magazine Feb 2019

To learn more about Reliability Centered Maintenance click here, or order our book on RCM, “Reliability Centered Maintenance Re-Engineered“, by James Reyes-Picknell and Jesus Sifonte, 2017, Productivity Press, NY,

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