You are currently viewing Uptime Webinar – free!

Uptime Webinar – free!

Did you know that Conscious Asset provides a free introductory webinar of our essential Uptime Program?

Our online learning platform provides many courses which can be taken in an efficient and timely manner, this prevents downtime with staff who would normally have to take many hours a day out of their routine to allow for training of similar courses. 

The e-learning platform contains our Reliability and Uptime Program, as well as free introductions to our courses to help you get a feel for the programs.

What is Uptime?

It is an Integrated model with 10 inter-dependent elements that work together for best results. The program presents course material from an holistic approach (people, technology, process and sustainability) with examples from an experience based – successful practices – perspective.

The Uptime Program is not prescriptive – one size does not fit every situation

The Uptime components allow for a flexible starting point with sustainability as a goal. It is strategically driven and adaptable to your circumstances with a framework for sustained success. It provides practical knowledge on technical, project and change management and governance.

The Uptime Program is proven! Twenty years of experience and adaptation across three editions respond to changes over numerous decades.

The FREE webinar will explain the benefits of developing an asset management program and what it can do for you. You will learn how to ‘get there from here’ and what you need to do to achieve excellence. Enroll here.

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