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Uptime Online at Edumine

So many businesses want improvement in reliability but they are confused about what to do and how to do it. You may know you are under performing, but what do you do about it. Do you know what “good” really looks like? Our Uptime training closes that gap, and helps you to get started. It provides a framework you can use right away. It teaches how to develop your own roadmap for improvement. The course is developed by James Reyes-Picknell, author of the book, and it provides insights and practical suggestions, so you can learn how to implement good maintenance management practices. 

Edumine provides continuing education and training for the mining industry, much of it delivered online. Their courses are ideal for remote locations and camp operations where educational resources are scarce.

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  • This Uptime course also qualifies for University of British Columbia’s Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS)

“Uptime” – the book, is intended as a reference for both maintenance and non-maintenance professionals alike. It provides an overview of maintenance management with tips on how to achieve improvements. It examines various elements that maintenance managers deal with and offers guidelines for maintenance achievement.  Learn “what” works well and “how” to achieve it.

EdumineUptimeCourse.jpgWhenever possible, the author has attempted to stay away from excessive details that are likely to be more confusing than illuminating to lay readers; he has tried to balance this by providing enough information to help the dedicated maintenance professional make informed choices.

Please visit the course introduction page for a more detailed course description. If you are already enrolled, simply enter the course, or register for certification to gain access to the full content.