Myth Busting 7: Planning meetings

don’t, and others are unsure and many haven’t even thought about it. Which are you? This myth, planning meetings are for planning, is based on a misuse/misunderstanding of correct planning and scheduling terminology. Planning meetings are normally run by your planner, but they are not, or shouldn’t be, about planning. They are about ...

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Myth Busting 5: It Won’t Work Here

In my role as a consultant, I get asked a lot of questions and asked for a help. Sometimes the “ask” comes from senior management, sometimes middle-level management and sometimes even from the shop floor. People and companies need help to achieve more than they are today. Performance is already known and often less than desired. Change is needed and that means new ideas. After all, if they had the ideas themselves, they may have tried something ...

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Myth Busting 3: Master or Partner

Who really is our customer? Does your organization have a master: partner supplier relationship or a partnership relationship? Consider that a customer regularly buys our goods or services. For operations/production to be our customer, then they would be paying maintenance for its service. Do they? In some organizations, this may be the case, but id it in yours? More than likely, you need to

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