Maintenance and Reliability Maturity – 2

In part 1 of this 2 part series, “Maintenance and Reliability Maturity”, I point out that achieving the maximum value from your physical assets will require excellence in 2 main dimensions, efficiency, and effectiveness. Those are described more fully in our recent book, “Paying Your Way“. I also promised a Maintenance and Reliability Maturity Assessment tool. That tool is now available to you, our readers.

The link below will take you to a web-page that is only accessible via the link – it is not included in our website’s menus or other links. When you click on it, you will see a brief explanation of how to use it and then a series of 10 questions, 5 on efficiency, and 5 on effectiveness. In a few of them we use terms that have precise definitions, so please read those definitions (in light blue boxes) before entering your answers to the questions in the light green answer cells. (more…)


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Myth busting 27: RCM is only for new assets

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) was developed in the airline industry to be used for developing maintenance programs for new aircraft. There’s no doubting it – originally RCM was intended for new designs and arguably where the results of failure could be catastrophic, specifically the loss of life and where costs of maintaining had grown ridiculously high. (more…)


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Myth Busting 20: We must follow manufacturer’s recommended maintenance

Manufacturers always publish recommended maintenance for users of their products. There are a few myths about this maintenance – one is that it will result in reliable operation of the equipment. In some cases it does, but in most, it does not. Why?

The myth is that the manufacturers always know best how to maintain their designs. Think about that for a minute. How many manufacturers actually use and maintain what they sell? (more…)


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Myth busting 17: For spares, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

Myth Busting SeriesThe last article speaks to who should run your storeroom – NOT maintenance. It also leaves us hanging a bit – what should go into the store room to ensure good supply of needed materials, when needed?

Many maintainers will default to the manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance actions and for spare parts lists. After all, we are paying for those when we buy our equipment and build our plants, so why not follow them? (more…)


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Uptime Webinar – free!

Did you know that Conscious Asset provides a free introductory webinar of our essential Uptime Program?

Our online learning platform provides many courses which can be taken in an efficient and timely manner, this prevents downtime with staff who would normally have to take many hours a day out of their routine to allow for training of similar courses.  (more…)


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Stop doing too much maintenance

Even if you have excellent planning and scheduling, you may still experience excessive downtime. Some consultants will promise that you’ll save a great deal of money with good P&S simply because planned and scheduled work is less expensive to execute. They are partially right too! But that’s only part of the picture. That excessive downtime you are still experiencing has nothing to do with P&S skills and schedule compliance. In fact, even with good P&S, if you are doing the wrong proactive maintenance, then you will have difficulty achieving high levels of schedule compliance. You need to put the other piece of the puzzle in place – reliability – start doing the right maintenance. (more…)


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