Myth Busting 12: CMMS is the Silver Bullet

Technology provides us with some fantastic tools to help us work better, smarter, faster and more efficiently. BUT, it doesn’t help us think any better. We can actually get too dependent on it and our thinking is weakened. If you don’t believe that, just watch what happens when you try to buy something and the computerized cash register goes down. Can they actually take payment? And if you use cash, can the clerk make proper change without looking at the cash register to tell them how much to give you.

We have an amazing array of computerized tools to help us manage our maintenance work. Literally hundreds of different options exist. Some are complex enterprise systems integrating with all your other enterprise systems for finance, human resources, etc. (more…)


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Stop doing too much maintenance

Even if you have excellent planning and scheduling, you may still experience excessive downtime. Some consultants will promise that you’ll save a great deal of money with good P&S simply because planned and scheduled work is less expensive to execute. They are partially right too! But that’s only part of the picture. That excessive downtime you are still experiencing has nothing to do with P&S skills and schedule compliance. In fact, even with good P&S, if you are doing the wrong proactive maintenance, then you will have difficulty achieving high levels of schedule compliance. You need to put the other piece of the puzzle in place – reliability – start doing the right maintenance. (more…)


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Myth Busting 10: Shutdown coming

Myth Busting SeriesA lot of people think about this one, but their actions reveal that this myth underlies what they are thinking.

Shutdowns are major undertakings performed when production is at a standstill (zero revenues) and because of the scale of the work being undertaken, costs are at a high point. There is a natural and well-justified desire to minimize the duration and frequency of shutdowns. (more…)


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Myth Busting 7: Planning meetings

don’t, and others are unsure and many haven’t even thought about it. Which are you? This myth, planning meetings are for planning, is based on a misuse/misunderstanding of correct planning and scheduling terminology. Planning meetings are normally run by your planner, but they are not, or shouldn’t be, about planning. They are about ...

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10 Myths about RCM

Despite its well-documented successes, Reliability Centered Maintenance has always drawn a lot of discussion and controversy.  Much of it is because of a lack of understanding and ‘myths’ generated to discredit RCM as a viable business solution.  Here I will fill in some of those gaps in understanding and debunk some of the myths.

  1. RCM is a type of maintenance   (wrong)



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