DORA QM Single User Software (annual license)


DORA QM 1 year Software license for a single user. Includes QM (Quick Maintenance) method for non-critical assets. Can import and export as well as nest tasks logically.

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RCM-R is rapidly becoming the “gold standard” among the SAE JA-1011 compliant methods for determining failure management strategies. It is used for critical assets, but for non-critical assets, you don’t need that degree of rigor. For that, we have QM (Quick Maintenance).

QM helps you build a maintenance program with less analysis effort, using manufacturer’s recommendations, and more.

If you have critical assets, including those with safety, environmental, or severe economic impacts on your business, then you want our DORA RCM-R Software. That includes QM.

DORA RCM-R features:

It includes rigorous decision-making criteria for technical feasibility and “is it worth doing?” criteria in RCM analysis work. The software goes well beyond simply recording the analysis results. It guides the user through the analysis step by step and helps you build the analysis correctly. It has the ability to use your failure data in a built-in Weibull analysis tool to ensure you have the right task for the failure characteristics. Then, it provides a built-in cost and risk evaluation for “is it worth doing?”

There is a built-in, risk evaluation for evaluating risks and segregating critical from non-critical failures. Risks are evaluated automatically based on your answers to guide questions used in building your statements of effects. Task frequencies are calculated using your inputs. There’s no need to really know the math, it’s already there for you.

If you’ve got non-critical assets, where RCM-R isn’t needed, then we have a “Quick Maintenance” methodology. that’s also built-in. There is no more need to get a separate package just to manage for that.

Once you’ve chosen your maintenance tasks the software also helps in bundling (nesting) the tasks into logical routes using task frequencies, technician designations, and geographic location of the assets.

Reporting is a snap with a report generator that produces a very professional summary report of your analysis and its results.

The software is cloud-based. Once you make your purchase, we will contact you about setting up your license and user access.

Multi-language capability: English and Spanish available now. Portuguese is coming soon.

Multi-user licenses are also available.

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