Business Case Consultation


Business Case Consultation is for larger enterprises considering improvements in maintenance and reliability, who need to know if those improvements are worth chasing. It enables the use of our on-line “Business Case Estimator” tool, our evaluation of your results, and then a senior-level discussion of those results.


This consulting product includes your use of our on-line Business Case Estimator, our review of its result, and discussion of the results with your senior leadership in operations and finance in an online remote meeting. It is intended for larger customers that want a more in-depth consultation than provided solely as a result of self-assessment.

The Estimator is best used in manufacturing, process, and resource extraction industries. It can be used for fleet environments with careful attention to the inputs.

The Business Case Estimator is an online automated tool that combines a quick assessment of maintenance efficiency and reliability effectiveness, with operational and financial performance measures to produce an estimate of potential improvement values. It produces an estimate of maintenance cost savings as well as production increases along with various financial indicators of profitability and efficient use of working capital.

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