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Interview with MRO Magazine – part 2

TOPIC: Managing Maintenance and Reliability

The following is the second half of an interview carried out between Mario Cywinski, Editor of MRO Magazine, and James Reyes-Picknell, our Principal Consultant.

In part one, James describes maintenance management techniques, how IIOT is changing how maintenance is managed, and where it is taking predictive maintenance. As well as sharing stories about his experiences with maintenance. You can access part 1 here.

In this part, James speaks about the importance of reliability when managing machinery and equipment. He also speaks to how companies can improve their maintenance, why some companies have a hard time achieving reliability, do’s and don’t’s of reliability, how reliability goes beyond maintenance, and how analytical methods are important for reliability. Learn from the experience of someone who has worked in the field for over 40 years with hundreds of clients all looking for cost reductions and/or production and output increases. The payback on improvements can be huge – in fact, much bigger than your accountants may realize and expect. They only account for costs – money already spent. They have no way of seeing what you don’t spend, nor can they see revenues you haven’t earned. Yet your efforts in maintenance, to deliver reliability pay off in both ways. Improvements to the efficiency of your maintenance execution – planning, scheduling, the supply of parts and materials, how you measure performance and encourage the right behaviors all to help lower costs. Improvements to your maintenance program itself, how much of it is proactive, making sure it is the right work, making sure it is being done at the right frequency – these all deliver improved effectiveness. Combined, you are far more than you can in either area alone.