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Maintenance and Reliability, part 1 with MRO

Managing Maintenance and Reliability Part 1 an Interview with MRO Magazine

DESCRIPTION: In part one, James describes maintenance management techniques, how IIOT is changing how maintenance is managed, and where it is taking predictive maintenance. As well as sharing stories about his experiences with maintenance.

In part 2 the discussion continues.

In part two, James speaks about the importance of reliability when managing machinery and equipment. He also speaks to how companies can improve their maintenance, why some companies have a hard time achieving reliability, do’s and don’t’s of reliability, how reliability goes beyond maintenance, and how analytical methods are important for reliability.

Technologies may change, often rapidly in some sectors, but one truth never changes – all those technologies come packed into physical assets that will inevitably fail. Maintenance is needed to sustain their designed and built-in reliability (regardless of whether that is high or low). The right maintenance brings you closer to it. The right operational practices also bring you closer to it. Combined, you achieve a key component of Operational Excellence with low costs, high outputs, safe operations, and high levels of environmental compliance.

James is an experienced management consultant who teaches through his firm, Conscious Asset, and through the University of Toronto’s Centre for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering. He is the best selling author in his field, his books being used as texts to train future maintenance managers and engineers. His 40+ years of experience in the field, and more than 25 in consulting have taught him what good looks like, what it takes to achieve it and what mistakes are often made by those who attempt it without a well thought out strategy.