Uptime – Self Assessment

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Course Prerequisite(s)

About Course

After completing our Uptime training in Maintenance Management many companies want to put what they’ve learned into use.  They begin to develop improvement plans, or simply embark on specific improvement initiatives. Those initiatives often target only one or just a few specific known problem areas. They may be missing opportunities. Without a thoughtful approach, there is also a very good chance that improvements will fail to achieve their desired results.

Note that our training, “Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management” is a pre-requisite. You will need the training to properly understand the questions being asked in our self-assessment. If you’ve completed the training in English, our system here will recognize that you have met the pre-requisite. If you complete it in French, Portuguese or Spanish, please let us know and we will arrange for your access to this self-assessment tool.

Here you will have access to our on-line Uptime self-assessment tool to gauge just where your greatest opportunities lie and therefore, where you should be focusing attention.

With this tool, you can evaluate where your maturity in maintenance and reliability are today relative to successful practices. If you want help to interpret the results, you can book a consultation – we will be happy to help.

If you want to develop a business case for your plan, then please refer to our “Business Case Estimator“.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will have an assessment of your maturity in maintenance and reliability.
  • If you choose to have a consultation, you can receive our opinion on your results and intended program of improvements.

Course Content

Maturity self assessment
Our on-line assessment tools are used for evaluating overall maturity, and opportunity.

  • Maintenance and Reliability Maturity
  • Uptime Maintenance Management Self-Assessment
  • Optional upload of your results for consultation purposes

Potential Improvements
Gather your improvement ideas to address the weaknesses revealed in the assessments.

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