Reliability and Maintenance Business Case Estimator

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This online toolset allows the user to perform a quick self-assessment of maturity in maintenance and reliability revealing how efficiently and effectively their current programs are performing. In the second section of this tool, the user inputs financial and operational data to be used. together with benchmarking data we have accumulated, to calculate potential cost savings, revenue, profitability, and working capital efficiency improvements. 

The toolset also produces a qualitative evaluation of trouble areas that the user may be experiencing. It’s a form of Artificial Intelligence that builds on our years of experience with hundreds of customers making these improvements. While the tools cannot tell the user exactly what to do to improve the present situation, nor how to do it, it does give a directional sense of where improvements are needed and provides a strong basis for investigating more deeply into where any improvement efforts should be targeted. 

This toolset is a practical accompaniment to our book, Paying Your Way, which we recommend as a reference for use with this toolset.


What Will I Learn?

  • Review and assess performance in maintenance management.
  • Review and assess the performance of your reliability program.
  • Determine M&R (efficiency & effectiveness) maturity.
  • Estimate improvement potential.
  • Determine future cost savings in maintenance.
  • Determine production increase potential.
  • Determine margin and profitability improvement potential.
  • Determine improvements in your use of working capital.

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R&M Business Case Estimator

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Material Includes

  • Downloadable explanation of how to use the tool and how to interpret its results. Includes caution to the user on data gathering from Maintenance.
  • Once completed, the Business Case Estimator can be downloaded, complete with your own data. We DO NOT keep a copy of your data.
  • If you want to discuss your results with us, you can book a consultation. Save your results for that discussion.

Enrolment validity: 100 days


  • Consider purchase of our book, "Paying Your Way". Link is provided in the description.

Target Audience

  • Senior production and operations executives, COO
  • Senior finance executives, CFO
  • General and senior level financial management