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Training online articles and entries are about the Conscious Asset training programs that are offered online via live or recorded webinar format.

What I’m learning about Online Training

Online training is actually a pretty good way to go! For me, that’s a revelation. The isolation and distancing measures being imposed due to the Corona Virus pandemic have been a game-changer in our business and personally. In the process of shifting training content to online formats, I’ve learned a lot.

My conclusion is that online training isn’t just an alternative to the “real thing”, it can actually be a better experience. (more…)


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The “new normal” can be much better

The “new normal” can be much better if we choose. Why go back to the same-old, same-old?

As we emerge from the 2020 pandemic and all the measures to contain it, your workforce will be returning to a “new normal”. What’s that? None of us really knows the details, but aside from being a cool phrase, it means being smarter and doing things differently with a great deal of awareness about disease transmission. Keeping our distance, wearing masks when ill, avoiding crowded venues, and patiently waiting for vaccines, will be a part of it, but what else will characterize the “new normal”? (more…)


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Uptime Insights – 8 – Asset Reliability

You can wait for something to break, then fix it, or you can be proactive and manage the failure before it causes you problems. Being proactive is all about managing failures and their consequences before they occur. The failure itself, in some cases, is unavoidable, but how you manage consequences is entirely within your control.

You can reduce or eliminate the consequences of failure by forecasting what is likely to happen and deciding in advance about what to do about it.  Major business impacts are the consequences of risks and those are manageable. (more…)


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Basic Reliability Management - ebook

Reliability Fundamentals Online

Conscious Asset provides a free introduction webinar to our reliability program entitled "Why Is Reliability Important?".  This webinar is a great way to learn the benefits of developing a reliability program and how it can help you. This webinar goes over important aspects about reliability to help you create your own program.  Topics covered in the webinar include:...

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Achieve results using RCM

In the field, we know that there are no “quick fixes” or “silver bullet solutions” when it comes to improvements in maintenance management. Many separate conditions and events must come together properly to achieve “schedule success” – i.e.: the high level of compliance to a schedule of planned work as produced by your planners. That list of includes: (more…)


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Myth busting 19: High performing organizations spend too much on training

These days everyone seems to be cutting spending. It’s entirely discretionary, so it’s easy to eliminate. But is that a smart move?

But today, times are tough. Trade wars, protectionism, and generally sluggish economies before those were a factor have all contributed to poor corporate performance. Shareholders want more. But can you really cut costs to become profitable? No – of course not, at least not in the long term. (more…)


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Uptime Webinar – free!

Did you know that Conscious Asset provides a free introductory webinar of our essential Uptime Program?

Our online learning platform provides many courses which can be taken in an efficient and timely manner, this prevents downtime with staff who would normally have to take many hours a day out of their routine to allow for training of similar courses.  (more…)Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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Uptime Online at Edumine

So many businesses want improvement in reliability but they are confused about what to do and how to do it. You may know you are under performing, but what do you do about it. Do you know what “good” really looks like? Our Uptime training closes that gap, and helps you to get started. It provides a framework you can use right away. It teaches how to develop your own roadmap for improvement. The course is developed by James Reyes-Picknell, author of the book, and it provides insights and practical suggestions, so you can learn how to implement good maintenance management practices.  (more…)Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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Education and skills – double your returns

Keys to Success

When we were younger most of our parents probably told us that we needed to have a good education to get ahead and do well in life. After all, it is the key that unlocks career paths, it opens doors and closes them if it is missing. Even prisoners on long sentences get an education so they can get a better start on life after their incarceration.

Some people crave education, yet whether we crave it or avoid it, all of us learn all of the time. (more…)Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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