Proactive maintenance is more Covid, how “covid” is yours?

You have saved maintenance and parts costs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your maintenance work is now focused largely on fixing breakdowns. Very soon your costs will rise and you will need those laid-off workers back. You will now be digging yourself out of a big hole! Our online tool can help.

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How to keep the boss out of jail

Here’s a case where they didn’t know how to keep the boss out of jail! In Jan 2019, a mine tailing dam (the structure used to contain waste from mining operations) collapsed. The video below shows the event. 259 people were confirmed dead and 11 declared missing. Cause – liquefaction – a commonly occurring phenomenon, and one that this particular mine had been warned about. Outcome – fatalities and associated human cost, suspended operations (for a brief period), company reputation, criminal charges (executives and engineering consultants). Risk management is an often neglected part of our job. (more…)


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Business Case Estimator Insights

Reliability is what you get when you do the right maintenance the right way. Doing things inefficiently is expensive and leads to failures. Doing the wrong things leads to failures. Fixing one does not automatically fix the other. You need to focus on both. What's it worth to you? Read this article to find out.

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What I’m learning about Online Training

Online training is actually a pretty good way to go! For me, that’s a revelation. The isolation and distancing measures being imposed due to the Corona Virus pandemic have been a game-changer in our business and personally. In the process of shifting training content to online formats, I’ve learned a lot.

My conclusion is that online training isn’t just an alternative to the “real thing”, it can actually be a better experience. (more…)


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Maintenance and Reliability Maturity – 1

Maintenance and reliability maturity provides an understanding of both how well we do maintenance and how good is our maintenance program. One delivers a major business result, the other is a big part of how you get there. Doing maintenance with precision and care, so the job is done once and done well by the right people and without delay is what maintenance organizations strive for. Some achieve it, some struggle to do so. If they can achieve that, then they are being efficient.

That achievement pays for itself in completed work at the lowest cost to the organization in terms of spending and time to execute. On the graph below, that takes them up the vertical scale. (more…)


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Emerging Stronger from Crisis

Emerging stronger from crisis – that’s our current challenge. We know we can do it. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Our businesses can emerge stronger too, but that won’t happen without leadership and choice.

Capital asset-intensive industries that have had a chance to pause have been wise if they used the opportunity to catch up on deferred maintenance and review their proactive maintenance programs for effectiveness. (more…)


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Uptime Insights – 8 – Asset Reliability

You can wait for something to break, then fix it, or you can be proactive and manage the failure before it causes you problems. Being proactive is all about managing failures and their consequences before they occur. The failure itself, in some cases, is unavoidable, but how you manage consequences is entirely within your control.

You can reduce or eliminate the consequences of failure by forecasting what is likely to happen and deciding in advance about what to do about it.  Major business impacts are the consequences of risks and those are manageable. (more…)


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Why do you let your budgets hold you back?

The “no brainer” opportunity

Let’s say that you run your own business. You have an opportunity to invest some money and get a payback that is more than your total investment within the first year (payback is more than 100% in the first year). Moreover, that payback will continue for many years. Would you invest? (more…)


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Should we outsource

Outsourcing is a form of alternative service delivery where one company hires another to perform some of its functions. It’s fairly common in some fields, such as accounting, manufacturing, human resources, procurement and IT, but not as common when it comes to maintenance and asset management. It has it’s advantages and risks and must be approached carefully.



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