Business Case Estimator Insights

Reliability is what you get when you do the right maintenance the right way. Doing things inefficiently is expensive and leads to failures. Doing the wrong things leads to failures. Fixing one does not automatically fix the other. You need to focus on both. What's it worth to you? Read this article to find out.

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Uptime Insights – 10 – Process optimization

Business processes are often talked about, yet not well understood. The big problem with them is that too few people know what the whole process actually should be. Whenever you are following a set of steps to achieve some goal you are following a process. Sometimes various people follow different steps to achieve the same goal. You rely on processes in order to deliver results.  If they are ill-conceived or inefficient, then things move slowly and results are more expensive to obtain than they need to be. Well designed, efficient, and consistent processes that integrate with other related business processes keep things running smoothly, costs down, and help to keep people motivated.



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