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Asset Management Podcast 2

This is part 2 of our discussion with James Kovacevic (formerly of Accendo Reliability) on Asset Management and the role of ISO 55000 in it. You can listen to part 1 here.

You can start with reading the actual standards of ISO 55000 and so on. For making it work, maintenance and planning teams need to work with materials management to get the right parts they need to carry on their processes. You can also check the detailed documents, manuals, and parts lists for getting more information about. For good decision making, you need to get all the valid information you need which eventually leads to good asset management. But most of all, everyone needs to start working together as a team because their main objectives are same when it comes to getting results.

For a better understanding of this process, you need to have experience and expertise which you can also get by taking certified programs about asset management to start the self-assessment. Maintenance and reliability professionals need knowledge and skills to implement this management technique successfully because they can’t do it just on their own. You need to perform cross-functional activities and start coordination with other disciplines too in order to achieve the best way to do it as a whole organization. So many aspects such as design, engineering, and monitoring effect the performance of an asset. That is why it goes beyond any boundaries of just maintenance and needs a leader too to get the communication done effectively among all the teams across different departments.Uptime Model Training

For successful implementation of asset management based on standards, you need to keep the documentation complete and up-to-date for better integration of all the cross-functional processes. Information Technology helps to support this program but it’s not exactly the program itself. Change management is also an important part while implementing this process and you need to guide everyone to go hand in hand during this. Change management runs parallel with asset management and you need to have good communicating heads to run everything is a smooth way along with training and education of every member.

You can learn to speak with finance authorities in a better way because their support is the most important thing to get all the other things that you need. CFO and the rest of the finance people play a critical role because they are the ones who manage to get all the money you need for investing in assets. They are not concerned with the details of the work, they just need the favorable outcomes for the organization. That’s why they need to be dealt with care to make them your alley for which you need to learn a few basic things about finance. Planners play a huge part in the reliability and maintenance but they can’t handle everything without assistance and they need to get it anywhere they can get some.Developing Asset Management Strategy